Cretor's 6oz Antique Gold Rush Popper

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The Antique Goldrush Popper is made of stainless steel welded construction. Standard features include a one-piece clean-in-place stainless steel or nickel plated all-steel kettle. The cabinet contains a heat lamp that keeps popcorn fresh and warm until serving. Rocker control switches at eye level provide easy operation with illuminated kettle heat switch. Other features include a heated corn deck, drop shelf, and tempered safety glass windows. The Antique Goldrush comes with an original hand painted scroll replica. The stainless steel frame is painted with Cretors special powder coating that resists scratching. Options include a Salt/Sweet Switch, One-Pop, and One-Pop with Counter. A matching two-wheel red cart is also available. The popper is UL and UL Sanitation approved.

          • Nickel plated-all steal kettle
          • Super easy to clean kettle.
          • Heated corn deck
          • Cycling light for optimum kettle performance.
          • Direct drive kettle agitator
          • Can be upgraded to salt/sweet switch for Kettle corn. Call for this option.
          • Electrical 1150 Watts-120 Volt
          • 14.5"D x 20"W x 33.75"H
          • 75 W light
          • Fits any CRETORS cart
Size: 6oz Kettle Pops 120 oz per hour
Machine: Cretor's Antique Gold Rush
Warranty: Two Year Warranty
Electrical: 1150 watts. 10 amps. 120 volts
Dimensions: 14.5"D x 20"W x 33.75"H
Weight: 50 lbs

Cretors Two Wheeled Wagons

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For Goldrush & Nugget Machines
These Cretor's matching two wheeled wagons will compliment your new Cretor's popcorn machine. These are only for Cretor's. If you have a Paragon popcorn machines, these will not match your paint scheme. Be sure to choose the size that fits perfect for your machine.