4oz Popcorn Machines

The Popcorn Machines.com offers a great selection of commerial and residential popcorn poppers. Many of these popcorn machine offer lifetime warranties.

Choose from Paragon's Red Cinelex, Copper Cineplex or Yellow Cineplex popcorn poppers. These have front loading popcorn capabilites which allows them to be place against a wall to save on space. The Theater Four, Contempo Four, and Professional Series Four are all full featured popcorn machines. Lower heating elements and old maid's trays are just a few of the features found.

Good entry level popcorn machines include the Premiere & 1911 Series. The Metropolitan popper offers good looks and against the wall capabilities, while the Street Vendor Four series popcorn machine offers Turn-of-the-century styling with an old maid's tray and lower heating element to keep popcorn fresh all day!

Paragon Red Cineplex popcorn machine
Paragon Copper Cineplex popcorn machine
Paragon Yellow Cineplex popcorn machine
Paragon Theater Four popcorn machine
Paragon Contempo Four popcorn machine
Paragon Professional four ounce popcorn machine
Paragon 1911-4 popcorn machine
Benchmark Premiere popcorn machine
Benchmark Street Vendor 4 popcorn machine
Benchmark Metropolitan Four popcorn machine