Popcorn Machine Cleaning

After your last happy customer has gone home, you'll want to properly clean your popping machine. We sell a nice assortment of no-scour kettle pucks, non toxic degreasers, carbon softeners including Carbon Off, and glass cleaners.

Popcorn Cleaning Kettle Pucks

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Forget scouring! Now you can get a clean kettle in 45 minutes just by boiling water! Just place a kettle puck into the kettle, add water, and heat till 160 degrees and let it cool for 30 minutes. Then, just simply wipe it clean. Add two pucks for 32oz kettle.

Each box containes 8 pucks.

Heat n Kleen Kettle Cleaner

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Is the inside of your popcorn machine kettle looking dirty? Try Heat 'n Kleen inside kettle cleaner. Its' non-toxic and easy to use. Just add a few tablespoons in water and pour into your kettle. It softens or removes carbon build up.

For outside kettle cleaning, try Carbon Off (below)

Popcorn Machine Glass Cleaner

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Are you looking to clean the glass on your popcorn machine? Our special glass cleaner will help remove the grease and film on the glass. Perfect for cleaning the inside of your machine.

Be sure to read the directions carefully.

Watchdog Concession Equipment Cleaner

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One of the best all purpose popcorn machine cleaners. Cleans deposits, polishes metal, and protects surface. Also use on chrome, formica, copper, aluminum, brass, steel, and more. Contains no chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters

Concession Equipment Degreaser

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More economical than other degreasers.  Easy to use.

  • Removes: Oils - Grease - Starch - Sugar - Protein Residues
  • Degreases All Types of Food Equipment, Including Concession Equipment. Such As: Hot Dog Broilers, Steamers, Popcorn Poppers, Nacho ChipWarmers, Soft Servers, Refrigerators, Stoves
  • May be used on most surfaces including acrylics, aluminum, chrome, Formica, most painted metal, some plastics, stainless steel

Carbon Off Concentrated

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Are you looking to bring your kettle (or any aluminum or metal surface) back to it's almost new condition? This is the product.

Popcorn Machine Cleaning Kit

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Put a little spark and luster back into your popcorn machine! Complete popcorn machine cleaning kit includes enough supplies necessary to make a popcorn machine look good. Make the windows and outside shine with the popcorn machine glass cleaner. Does the kettle have a lot of carbon build up? No problem, from easy-to-use kettle cleaning pucks to carbon off cleaner, there is no need to purchase additional items. Why not get started today.
Kit includes enough supplies for 3-4 applications. Included are:
            • (2) Pair gloves
            • (1) Pint of Carbon-Off cleaner
            • (1) Steel wool pad
            • (1) Scraper
            • (1) Brush
            • (1) Two-sided scrub sponge
            • (1) Popcorn machine glass cleaner
            • (1) Complete directions