Cretor's T3000 Antique popcorn machine offers one of the highest output 12oz popcorn machines on the market while still using a standard plug. The T3000 Antique popcorn popper plugs into a standard 110V wall outlet . The T3000 antique popcorn machine offers an optional sugar/salt switch for kettle corn.  Cretor's T3000 Antique pair is on hot popcorn machine.

Cretors T3000 Antique Popcorn Machine Combo

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Features: 240 one ounce servings per hour. The T-3000 is available in an antique version with a hand painted scroll. The stainless steel frame is painted with Cretors special powder coating that resists scratching. A matching two-wheel red cart is also available. Designed for use with 12 oz. portion packs. Can be purchased without matching cart.Online purchases may inquire addtional cost depending on ship location.

            • Nickel plated-all stainless steal kettle
            • Super easy to clean kettle.
            • Heated corn deck
            • Cycling light for optimum kettle performance.
            • Direct drive kettle agitator
            • Can be upgraded to salt/sweet switch for Kettle corn. Call for this option.
            • Electrical 1800 Watts-120 Volt
            • Machine & Cart combined 28" D x 44" W x 70" H
            • Must be shipped by truck. Call for ship quote.
            • 75 W light
Size: 12oz Kettle Pops 250 oz per hour
Machine: Cretors T2000
Warranty: Two Years
Electrical: 1800 watts. 15 amps. 120 volts
Dimensions: 21"D x 24"W x 34.5"H
Weight: 125 lbs
Total Dimensions 28" D x 44" W x 70" H